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Every year in Bulgaria almost 1500 children are separated from their families and most of them start their life in the loneliness of social institutions. They live behind the thick walls of shared care, without their own clothes, toys, love and support. Although Bulgaria is EU member, the country has the highest level of children abandonment, and the main reasons are poverty, lack of family support, social isolation and children disabilities.

Today over 2200 children live in social institutions – this is what statistics said. But what For Our Children Foundation sees in this data are 2200 lives without the chance for bright future. Because institutions do not grow individuals. Most of the children there spend their days in loneliness, deprived from what real childhood means. Most of these children have difficulties with their mental and physical development because of the lack of individual care, support and most of all – love. When these children leave the institution, they get into an unfamiliar and inhospitable world. And the only choice for them is social exclusion, which closes the circle of separation.


For the last 7 years (2009-2015), For Our Children Foundation has supported 8406 children and families. In 2015 we managed to prevent the abandonment of 186 children under 7 years old. 154 children with special needs or disabilities were supported last year. Because we know that parents do not need to be blamed, but to be supported to take good care for their own children.

Our specialists work with 6 maternity hospitals in Sofia and Plovdiv so they could be by parent’s side when they need it most – when they are alone, afraid and confused. The team consults mothers at risk of child abandonment and helps them by providing social psychological and material support. When a child has disabilities and difficulties in its development, a highly qualified team of psychologists and different therapists provides professional and emotional support to the child and its family, which gives them confidence to cope with the challenges. This support is not a single act but lasts between 6 months and a year until the moment when the family is ready to take care for their child on their own.

Today we wake a special call to Begach Running Club to dedicate its biggest corporate event Postbank Business Run to the cause more children to live in safe and stimulating family environment, so they could have the chance for better future and development. For Our Children Foundation’s investment in every case with risk of child abandonment is approximately 1300 BGN. In the next years through provision of stable family model this investment returns in multiple scale.



With your help we could support more children by providing them the most important things – better life, happy childhood and chance for brighter future.

If we collect We will support
3900 BGN 3 children to live in with their families
6500 BGN 5 children to live in with their families
9100 BGN 7 children to live in with their families
13 000 BGN 10 children to live in with their families

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