Charity Cause 2017

We’re to announce the cause for 2017, you can check our 2016 and 2015 charity causes.

In 2017 aim to support two causes.

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Help me feel significant

The Cedar Foundation provides 24-hour individual care to close to 70 children and young adults deprived of parental care in 8 family-type houses in Kyustendil and Kazanlak. Almost all of the children and young adults have intellectual disabilities. They have been taken out of state institutions where they suffered neglect, and as a result, came out completely dependent on someone’s care.

Our goal is to provide them with the sense of security, but also to support them to become more independent. Part of this process is ensuring regular occupational therapy. Occupational therapy is a therapeutic approach that helps people with disabilities to participate in social life by learning to perform everyday activities such as cooking, taking care of the household, gardening. Another goal is to integrate the person and ease their participation in activities that he/she needs and enjoys.

With the help of our occupational therapists, the children and young adults with disabilities develop their motor skills; learn about the world around them; master habits needed for achieving independence; build skills to overcome difficulties and see themselves as individuals.

Occupational therapy is effective for maintaining mental health, reducing anxiety, and aiding attention and concentration.

Thanks to the regular occupational therapy and as a result of the program for job support, 5 of our young adults with intellectual disabilities work in the community. Three of the ladies help out as hygienists in a restaurant and in the Social rehabilitation and integration center. Another lady works in the school cantine, and one young gentleman works in the public laundry in Kyustendil.

The funds that will be raised at the event will be invested in the continuation of the occupational therapy for the children and young adults in the family-type houses in Kyustendil and Kazanlak, where:

  • 2500 BGN will ensure the annual occupational therapy for 5 children and young adults;
  • 5000 BGN will ensure the annual occupational therapy for 10 children and young adults;
  • 7500 BGN will ensure the annual occupational therapy for 15 children and young adults.

Everyone needs to feel useful. Let’s help our children and young adults feel complete and significant.

More information about The Cedar Foundation can be found on their website or Facebook page.
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The Waterway Foundation supports children with special needs through physiotherapy, rehabilitation and modified swimming to grow up as independent adults and to have a chance for a succsessful life.

The main goal of the foundation is to help children with cerebral palsy, polio, obstetric brachial plexus injury, visual and hearing disorders, musculoskeletal, Perthes disease, Down syndrome, hemophilia and others.

Activities with children take place in a specialized pool through the most advanced and well-established methods. Phisical activity and group work contributes to improving the lives of children and their families to full integration into society.

The funds from Postbank business run will be used for water rehabilitation of children with disabilities and for an equipment.

Our wish is to include 15 children with special needs and to give them ten procedures (water rehabilitation). For this purpose will require the sum of 3000 BGN, and 1500 for equipment.

Let’s improve the lives of children with special needs!

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