In 2022 we support 2 causes:

“Daycare center – a place for plays, dreams and development”  – For Our Children Fontdation

There are over 32,000 children with disabilities or special needs in Bulgaria. Often they do not receive the care and attention they need, they do not get the opportunity to exercise their rights like their peers. Many parents of these children are at a dead end because they do not know where to find support and how to be useful to their children. The challenges of these families, in addition to the intolerance of the society and the lack of state readiness to take care of their needs, include the rejection of children from kindergartens and nurseries, mainly because of the untrained staff there. All these factors negatively affects the condition not only of the child but also of the whole family. Parents are torn between the need for constant care and attention, which completely consume their time and the performance of professional duties, ensuring their economic stability.

In September 2020, the For Our Children Foundation established Daycare Center “Development“ for children with disabilities to meet the needs of these children and their families. The center is a friendly space where children from 0 to 7 years with developmental difficulties and problems receive stimulating support for the development of their abilities and strengths in order to be able to cope with basic daily activities.

At the Daycare Center, a team of a speech therapist, a special pedagogue and a rehabilitator, assisted by three social workers and a nurse, provide full-time, half-day or part-time care for children, as well as consultations and group work with their parents. Part of the center’s team are its manager and a specialist in social services, who take over the managerial and administrative functions.

Your support for the Daycare Center will help to provide daily activities of the center for children from 0 to 7 years:

– with varying degrees of mental retardation;

– with sensory and motor disorders;

– with emotional and behavioral problems and developmental disorders.

In the Daycare Center each child has his own individual program based on the assessment of his development and his current condition. It includes various development activities in the form of a game. The patience and professional attitude of our specialists create an atmosphere of calmness, in which children relax, begin to communicate and take small steps towards their independence. They develop their adaptability, creativity, sensitivity, ability to express themselves through various role-playing games, creative and cooking workshops. Close work with parents ensures continued stimulation of children in the home environment in order to consolidate each achievement.

In 2021, 43 children with developmental difficulties and problems received active stimulating support for their growth through individual sessions, group activities, socializing activities.

A donation of BGN 7,500 will ensure the work with 20 children for a period of up to 6 months, providing the following activities:

– Consultation and assessment of the child’s condition and preparation of an individual program for working with him;

– Ensuring the daily needs of children during their stay in the center and development of habits and skills to cope with daily tasks – hygiene habits, self-feeding, orienteering, etc.

– Accompanying in the process of individual and group training;

– Rehabilitation to prevent the aggravation of a disorder or disease;

– Speech therapy – diagnosis, prevention, correction, rehabilitation and counseling of speech and language disorders;

– Acquisition of social skills, including for communication and group work, for the use of free time and broadening horizons;

– Stimulating the creative abilities and building skills for independent living of the child through art and cooking workshops;

– Excursions and visits to public places to promote and mediate social adaptation and integration;

– Informing and advising parents on the specifics of their child’s condition, support and training to increase confidence and parenting skills for better care for children with disabilities; inclusion in support groups and group activities with children.

Together we can provide children with special needs with the best possible developmental care, a chance to overcome deficits, learn to communicate freely and express themselves!

For further information:

Svetlana Todorova, E:, Т: 0882428323

“ParaKiada” – Organisation Sports Club SHARK

When: 12th of June, 2022

Where: National Stadium “Vasil Levski”/another suitable stadium 

For: children and youth with disabilities

Main purpose of the “ParaKiada”:

We want to bring joy to the children by recreating the atmosphere of a big sports event. 

It is our goal to organise a day full of sports activities, excitement and positive emotions. 

Concept of the “ParaKiada”: 

“ParaKiada” would be a one-day event that would be held on the premises of the National Stadium “Vasil Levski” (or another suitable stadium). It would be the first sports athletic event of its kind in Bulgaria and would be open to every child/youth with disabilities that would want to participate.

We want to give children the chance to take part in as many sports disciplines as they wish to, but there would be no ranking and no distribution into groups based on their abilities. Following the Olympic principle „Citius, Altius, Fortius!“, translated as “Faster, higher, stronger”, we want to challenge them to be the best they can be and to prove their abilities.

Throughout the day there would be a multitude of athletics sports disciplines and adapted games and activities for the children to take part in. 

For the first time there would be a wide variety of relay races – the teams would be mixed and each competitor would have an assistant (volunteer) by their side to help them. What is more, for the first time in Bulgaria there would be a sports discipline with running bikes, especially designed for competitive running for people with mobility difficulties. 

Alongside the athletics disciplines, there would be a variety of adapted games and dances. 

Together multiple children would take part in the event – children in wheelchairs, scooters, with crutches, canes, tricycles and walkers. They would compete with each other, but each child that has taken part in the event would be a winner. 

More about Parakids: 

ParaKids is a project, part of the Sports Club SHARK, which provides sports opportunities for children with disabilities, poor posture and obesity. It is our main mission to make sport accessible for every child, regardless of their abilities.  We want each child to be physically active and to have a choice among various sports initiatives that they can take part in, alongside peers and friends. Since our establishment in 2016, we have participated in 5 marathons, organized a number of sports events, summer and winter camps, as well as adapting sports facilities for people with mobility impairments. With the help of sponsors and donors we managed to get specialized equipment for: skiing, surfing, running, mountain climbing and others. Our greatest pride is the kids playground opened in 2021, fully adapted for children with mobility impairments, which is located in Specialized rehabilitation hospital “Yasen” in Bankya  located on ​​220 square meters area. Over the years we have received a number of (for the best sports club from Special Olympics Bulgaria, for innovation in social entrepreneurship from MLSP, etc. .), but the most valuable are the smiles that brighten children’s faces when we give them a chance to be active, play sports and participate in competitions.

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