What is CEO Dash?

  • It’s a race for CEOs or general managers for companies
  • They race before everyone elce on the track of Business Run, after which can join their teams for the big start

Why do we do this?

  • To set example for employees to start being active
  • To find out which is the fastest CEO in Bulgaria
  • To support our charity cause

What does the race participation include?

  • 30% will be donated to our charity cause
  • Special networking dinner before the race with other CEOs (venue, chef and menu are TBA)
  • Polo shirt with embroidered CEO Dash logo
  • Personalised start number with your company logo
  • Medal from the first edition of CEO Dash
  • Finisher certificate with timing


  • 300 BGN with VAT till 15 May
  • 360 BGN with VAT on 15 May 2017
  • Race is limited to 50 people

CEOs registered so far

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