Children’s house of For Our Children’s Foundation is a special place in Sofia, which provides a loving family environment for six kids aged 0 – 7 years, separated from their families due to illness, violence or other problems. Surrounded by a lot of love and tenderness, the children in the Children’s House wait to be adopted, returned in the native family or placed in a foster family. They are expecting their Mom and Dad.

Adoption, placement in a foster care or reintegration are time-consuming processes. Time when abandoned children are threatened by placement in an institution, where each day spent in isolation and loneliness, without cares and tenderness, leads to a lag in their physical and mental development. That is why the Children’s House is the best alternative for them in the period of waiting.

In the house the children enjoy family coziness and receive individual care and attention from professional babysitters, social workers, early childhood development specialists and psychologists. Variety of activities are planned and implemented for each child, which provide individual psycho-emotional support and encourage the development of the child’s potential, striving to compensate for deficits and stimulate his strengths.

In the Children’s House the children are provided with healthy nutrition, fully compliant with their needs, the daily regime is optimally balanced and in accordance with the recommendations of a pediatrician. In the house the children learn hygienic and other basic habits, learn to communicate freely with each other and with the adults in their surroundings. For some of them, the House is the place where they are valued and embraced for the first time, the place where they say their first words and make their first steps. It is the place where they learn to love.

In the house they celebrate birthdays and name days, traditional and national holidays. The team is happy to capture every occasion for smiles to collect and save children’s memories and emotions for the families the children will go to. Welcoming and sending out the children are extremely touching moments and bring the family feeling, feelings of solidarity and true affection.

The team of the Children’s House works intensively for each child to find his/her family – foster, biological or adoptive, ensuring continuity, predictability and security in the process, both for the child and the family; provides counseling, training and creates a space for free communication between the child and the family.

Some of the happy stories started in the Children’s House are available HERE

The results: What does the team of the Children’s House achieve?

From January to December 2020, 12 children were rescued from the loneliness and isolation of institutions and were had home, love and warmth in the Children’s House. Seven of them have already found their home with the help of For Our Children Foundation: five have been adopted, one is again with his biological family, one is accommodated in a residential service suitable for his/her condition.

Since its establishment in October 2012 till the end of 2020 the Children’s House has given comfort and a chance to a family of 57 children whose childhood was threatened by the grayness of homes for abandoned children.

Opening in 2012, the care in the house was focused to babies and infants up to 3 years, for whom all opportunities to grow up in a family were temporarily exhausted. From September 2020, the age group of children in the house has been expanded. At the end of December 2020 five children up to 7 years of age have been enjoying warmth and coziness, have been playing, studying and developing in it.


The total costs for one child in the Children’s House per month is 1,200 BGN and includes all expenses related to the complex care that the child receives during the stay there.

Your impact

Thanks to your commitment, the Children’s House of For Our Children Foundation will take care of 6 children without parental support and care – children who have to be healed of psycho-emotional wounds and taught to express themselves. Until we pass them in the loving embrace of mom and dad.

Support the cause so that we will be able to continue giving family comfort and a chance for a family to the little ones!

For more information, please contact: Svetlana Todorova, Е:, T: 0882 428323

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