We support 3 Charity Causes in 2023:


Our mission is to create an environment where every child at an early age develops their potential, together with families and the community. Over 30 years we have supported more than 20,000 vulnerable children, encouraging their development from birth, as well as their parents and professionals working with children.


In 1998, For Our Children Foundation introduced foster care as an alternative to social institutions. Our foster care center provides the best opportunity to raise and educate children who cannot be with their own families. We select, train and supports foster families in their efforts to provide the best care of the children placed with them.

The work of the Foster Care Center of For Our Children Foundation

The foster parent accepts the child with his individuality, but also with the transferred traumas, and focuses on his emotional and physical health. The goal is to help the child to recover, develop, adapt to the new environment and socialize. The foster parent surrounds the child with personal care, love and understanding and creates a supportive environment together with the foundation’s experts. Foster care is temporary – until adoption or until the child is returned to the biological family. It can last several months or several years.

The main goal of the Foundation’s team is to be with the foster parents and ensure good care for the foster children. We complement the innovative program for applicants for foster families with regular training for existing foster parents. Each month, foster parents meet in support groups to share challenges and receive guidance and encouragement. We organize socialization activities for foster children and families that broaden their horizons and support the development of social skills.

In 2022 32 children received care, attention, love in 24 foster families of For Our Children Foundation. Of these, 15 children have found their permanent home: 10 have been adopted, 3 are reintegrated, 1 has reached adulthood, 1 has been transferred to a foster family outside the Foundation.

We have started 2023 with 18 foster families – people who put their energy and time into changing children’s destinies. You can be a part of this change!

Together with you – the participants in the event, and our friends from Sport Club “Begach”, we will help 20 foster children from 0 to 7 years old and their foster parents with:

Direct material and financial support to foster families to cover current, medical and educational expenses for the children placed with them.

Additional support for experts and accompanying specialists, for socializing and complementary activities. 

Your investment in foster care will help bring light back into the eyes of children left without the support of parents and loved ones by providing them with the comfort, warmth and care of a foster family.


Contact person: Svetlana Todorova, E: s.todorova@detebg.org, M: 0882428323

Web site: www.detebg.org, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fondatsiyazanashitedetsa

Community center “Trotoara 2020“ aims to create an environment and community for students, volunteers, and anyone who needs to develop, discover themselves, and do it together.


By utilizing creativity, volunteerism, music, arts, bringing together different groups of people and involving them in collective activities, “Trotоara 2020” has been inspiring, helping, guiding and passing on new knowledge and skills for 8 years now. The main target group of the community center are teenagers, and the goal is to involve them as much as possible in its activities – from A to Z. The youth decide what they want to do, they organize and carry it out themselves, with the team only providing support. The center has good technical facilities, including a fully-equipped recording studio, rehearsal room, computer hall, library, and recycling workshop. All services and activities at Trotоara 2020 are free of charge for students, pupils, and young people.


So far, the community center has been located at 26 Bratya Miladinovi Street, Sofia. The building is privately owned and is scheduled for demolition. Since the beginning of this year, the Triaditsa district has provided a building for the community center’s use free of charge, located at 34 Louis Ayer Street, Sofia. The condition for the use of the building is that the community center will carry out the necessary repair work on its own.


Unfortunately, its condition is dismal. The building is old, the walls are made of sandwich panels that are thin and poorly insulating against the cold and heat. There are holes in the walls, broken and unclosable windows, and other problems. Thanks to donations from companies, the repair of the leaking roof has already begun.


After the building is renovated, it is planned to hold free dance classes for seniors, develop the library and literature, continue all activities carried out by the community center up to this point, as well as develop the local community through participation in activities, volunteering, and others.


For the Organizer:

The idea for Trotoara was born on… the sidewalk. The meeting place for young souls. The official registration of Trotoara Foundation was at the end of March 2014. Its founder, Deyan Yankov, a music enthusiast and guitarist, is full of energy, creativity, and inspiration, which in 2020 brought him the title “Awakener of the Year”.

“Young people are not the future – they are the present. They are the cause we deserve and must fight for.”

For the past 5 years, Trotoara has successfully developed the youth center TRAP – Trotoara Room for Angry People. The main target group are children with learning, communication, and behavioral problems, expressed through low self-esteem and self-assessment, lack of motivation for success, inability to set goals, lack of knowledge and skills to achieve them and present them to the world, anti-social behavior or self-isolation. Often these problems are related to a lack of trust relationships and an appropriate creative environment. The project is aimed at high school-age youth, as well as their teachers and parents.

As part of all projects and initiatives and as part of the development of the “Trotoara” community in 2020, the children and young people attending TRAP decided to establish a community center – Trotoara People’s Reading Club 2020.

The goal of the community center is to meet the needs of citizens related to:

  • Educating and establishing national self-awareness.
  • Preserving the customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people.
  • Providing access to information.
  • Developing and enriching the cultural life, social, and educational activities of the population.
  • Developing the creative abilities of the younger generation and involving them in the values and achievements of science, art, and culture.

Every year, the community center organizes a different number of concerts, festivals, and events, with the largest called TRAP fest, held between 5 and 7 times on the summer stage in Borisova Garden. The community center is also the organizer of the volunteer club Freedom Droids for students.

“Swimming Skills – Socialization Program for disadvantaged children”

CONCORDIA Bulgaria Foundation has many years of experience in working with children, youth and their families from vulnerable groups. We develop successful projects related to their social integration through sport.

The project includes conducting organized swimming lessons for children, some of whom don’t live in their families. They need support in the process of acquiring new social skills, inclusion and life experience in a different environment than they are used to. 10 children will attend 24 training sessions, twice a week, for a period of three months in 2023.

The main focus of our work to support disadvantaged children is education, social integration, personal development and self-determined life. We are convinced that by supporting and encouraging them to develop educationally and personally, offering them a developing social environment, support and assistance for their social inclusion, we help the positive development of society as a whole and their personal responsibility for it. We are convinced that children’s good social, physical and motor culture, as well as their social experience through sports, helps to strengthen their self-confidence and is mandatory for their good psychological and mental health and development.

We believe that the inclusion of children in organized mixed swimming groups will facilitate their socialization and will support the accumulation of positive experiences, sports and social skills, so necessary for them to feel complete. The children will have the opportunity to gain experience in a new, unknown social environment, among their peers and coaches. Swimming as a sport implies gathering in a group, working in a group or together with a coach and therefore offers a natural environment for increasing social competencies. Swimming will also improve their emotional state and reduce anxiety and accumulated stress during everyday life.

In addition, the training format will help develop abilities such as organization, responsibility and process ethics, consistency, following structure, goal orientation and following authority. Acquiring new knowledge, skills and habits would increase children’s self-esteem and their motivation to make efforts to achieve results in other areas of their lives.

CONCORDIA Bulgaria Foundation has experience in implementing a number of initiatives in the direction of social integration through sports. We develop the Concordia Football Club, conduct wall climbing and chess classes, and organize regular hikes in the mountains.

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