Our cause


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Almost 2000 children with disabilities live behind the heavy walls of the residential institutions in Bulgaria and in isolation from the outer world. Other thousands of children are hostages in their own homes and are raised by their parents without the possibility to play outside, to communicate and to develop. These are the invisible children with mental and physical disabilities, who need everyday specific care, active rehabilitation and a lot of love and support.

A team of specialists, rehabilitation experts, physiologists and social workers works every day in Support Center “St. Sofia” so these children could have the same chance of development as their coevals. With the support of Business Run 2015 and Begach Running Club we will be able to help more than 20 children to develop their potential and to overcome the difficulties in their progress.


 Our plan

If we’re able to get 116 teams (7700 BGN), we’ll be able to provide the following to 20 children

Therapy type Number of children Rehabilitation sessions needed per child Period Unit price
Hippotherapy 3 40 12 months 25 BGN
Hydrotherapy 6 30 6 months 18 BGN
Music therapy 15 Group sessions 12 months 120 BGN per month

If we collect 10 000 BGN we can add to the rehabilitation sessions above these therapeutic procedures:

  • 6-month course of hydrotherapy for 4 more children;
  • Music therapy for one more month for the whole children group in Center “St. Sofia”.

If we collect 12 000 BGN we can add to the rehabilitation sessions above these therapeutic procedures:

  • 1-year course of hippotherapy for 2 more children.

The power of therapy

Support Center “St. Sofia” was created in 2008 by For Our Children Foundation and is located in Serdica District, Sofia. The center supports families and children in risk of abandonment through a variety of social services.

In 2014 professionals from the Center supported 109 children with disabilities and difficulties in the development. This support includes different types of therapy applied to children with deficiency in the development which put them at risk of abandonment. Among these therapy types are:

  • Hydrotherapy: it encourages children to move their limbs and develops their motor skills;
  • Hippotherapy: it improves children’s physical and mental condition, their first reaction to horses is an invariable smile;
  • Music therapy: this therapy lowers the stress, stimulates the communication, encourages the physical rehabilitation.

 What we can achieve together

Begach Running Club gives field for fulfilment to active people who desire to demonstrate their sport achievements and at the same time – to become part of significant cause with visible effect. With joint efforts we can offer them a sport event with a cause which can meet their need for sport and social self-expression. The Business Run has the added value of an initiative which attracts socially involved companies. The event empowers the socially responsible business to present themselves as such to their employees and to the most vulnerable group of our society – children who need help to live safe and loved in a family. 



For Our Children Foundation is committed to its partners and provides them with full financial and narrative report which shows the exact spending of the donated funds. Throughout the realization of the joint initiative Begach Running Club will become a part of the Foundation’s live, we will give the opportunity to all your members and friends to be informed about our partnership and its importance for children’s live.

About For Our Children Foundation

  • Organization with 22 years of history of providing safe and developing family for every child;
  • Since 1992 we have supported over 6000 of the most vulnerable children and families in Bulgaria so they can cope with the difficulties and manage to stay together;
  • Professional provider of social services with big experience, innovative approach and a high-qualified team of specialists;
  • We focus our work on prevention of abandonment, foster care, early childhood development, children with disabilities and support for families in difficult situation.

More info on the foundation’s website.