Upnetix, part of Scalefocus is a major provider of custom client-tailored software solutions. In other words, we are the crew that is ready to take upon significant challenges and always over-deliver! Starting as a company focused primarily on mobile solutions, today we are one of the leading enterprises in Southeast Europe (SEE) when it comes to software development. No matter the 10+ years of experience our team had, the challenge of rapid growth made us learn faster than we could imagine. As a result, we formed a team of like-minded people and expanded our range of services to include Mobile & Web Apps, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Deployments, Quality Assurance, and Consultancy. But being one of the biggest software development companies in the region is just the beginning for us. We look forward to even more engaging and challenging projects that will shape the future of software development! As of September 2018, Upnetix is part of ScaleFocus.