To register a company, please fill in the form bellow.

Participation Fees for 1 team (4 people):

  • 395 BGN without VAT to 29 January 2024
  • 465 BGN without VAT to 08 April 2024
  • 535 BGN without VAT to 7 May 2024
  • 595 BGN without VAT to 27 May 2024
  • 675 BGN without VAT from 28 May 2024 (if available)

There is a limit of 375 teams. The Fees are valid at the time of the group registration or additional teams request.

REGISTRATION for CEO Dash and Kid’s RUN is through you Group DashBoard.

IMPORTANT!! Please read the instructions before you press REGISTRATION!!!


After you press REGISTRATION Button, the registration page will open. To register your company please press CREATE GROUP.

If you would like to add more teams later, please write to

To register teams, Group Leader will need to follow instructions whisch will receive by e-mail in early May. 2024.

Required INFO for registration:
  1. Number of Teams (1 team = 4 employees).
  2. Should you include Laser Medals Engraving. (fee of 50 BGN without VAT per team)
  3. If you would like branded tent in the button passing area. (fee is 1000 BGN, includes rent of Mastertent tent 3x3m branded side wall and branded tent flag)
  4. Company description up to 500 characters in Bulgarian – OPTION.
  5. Company description up to 500 characters in English – OPTION.
  6. Corporate website link – OPTION..
  7. Logo in png format (1000х1000 pixels). OPTION.
  8. Logo in Vector format. OPTION.
  9. Company or Brand, your teams will be presented under this corporate identity.
  10. Registered Company Name
  11. Registered Corporate Address
  12. REG number
  13. VAT Number. OPTION, please leave it empty if your company is not VAT registered
  14. Way of payment, wire transfer or card
  15. Address for delivery of start packs (Begach office, Speedy office, Your office)
  16. Corporate telephone
  17. Number of employees in Bulgaria (for Most Active Company award)
  18. Office email
  19. Password for access of your  DashBoard-a
  20. Name of Group Leader
  21. Family Name of the Group Leader
  22. Telephone of the Group Leader
  23. Email of the Group Leader
  24. IMPORTANT!!! Password of Group Leader  DashBoard. Through this DashBoard the Group Leader can register teams.