Participation eligibility

Participation is allowed for teams where all the participants work with a labor contract for at least 3 months for the company they represent.

If there are complaints, the organisers might require legal info from the company to prove the team’s eligibility.

Teams are mixed (male + female) as is the work. By tradition, we give awards to the first three all-female teams.

Getting to the start

You can use public transport or car to get to Business Park Sofia. If you come by car, please park it outside of the Business Park (on the spots with th 3 “P”s) , as the park will be closed for cars. Only companies residing in the Business Park and having access to the parking building will be able to enter it from the north entrance.

If you are coming by bicycle please tie it securecly so it is not an obstacle for runners or other people.

Start, laps and electronic timekeeping

In order to be a valid participant and the achievement of your team recorded, you need to have a race number visible on your chest from the start to the end of the run and a relay baton of your team, carried by the start order. Participants without bibs will be disqualified. We’ll give you 4 safety pins to pin your number to your clothes.

Start, finish and relay transfer

Please arrive at the start zone at least an hour earlier. The start is at 10:15 sharp for the first participant of a team.

Every participant must make 4 laps (1 km each) before they pass the relay to their team mate.

All race numbers have number + letter to signify the way the relay will be passed. 101А – first runner, 101B – second, 101C – third, 101D – fourth.

Your baton contains a RFID chip, which will count your net time at the moment the first runner of a team passes through the start arch until the fourth runner makes all their laps. Timekeeping is electronic and your time is net which means that it counts your me and not the time from starting horn. A participant starting in front of the crowd does not have a time advantage.

It is forbidden for runners to be paced by colleagues without batons during the race.

In case you decide to leave the event, please contact the organizers at the tent in the starting zone to sign you off.

Winners’ ceremony is at 12:00 h.


Only runner #1 should be present at the start zone in 10h. All others must remain in the relay transfer zone for their team.

Relay transfer happens at the central park alley on the spot marked with your team racing number. All team members must remain at their relay transfer positions until the last team member finishes their 4th lap. Teams with more or less than 16 laps will be disqualified.

Every team will get medal, please come at the start zone after the fourth team member finishes so you can get your medals.


During the race there won’t be water on the checkpoints.

After the start there will be a refreshment point with water, isotonic drinks and fruit. Please do not litter and put the bottles in the bins. We’ll provide also garbage bags along the road.

Luggage, wardrobe

We can keep your luggage during the event. You will find a sticker with your number in the goody bag. Please stick it to your luggage before handing it to us. You’ll get your luggage when presenting your bib after the race. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR LUGGAGE!!! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VALUABLES LOST OT STOLEN.


There is chemical WC 50m from the start.


There will be a medical team marked on the map. Please contact the organisers or the medical team if you do not feel well.

We expect sun and high temperatures, but dress well and take additional clothes to wear after the finish.

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